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Defining Physicians’ Mobile Experience

We embarked on our Client journey by transforming a basic idea for a clinician mobile app into a focused, value-enhancing tool through comprehensive discovery. Subsequently, APG Emerging Tech was engaged to craft the app's production design and requirements, and this case study outlines our approach to this intricate design process.


Our client specializes in facilitating temporary placements of medical professionals including physicians, CRNAs, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and psychologists within healthcare facilities across the United States. Recognizing the need for streamlined and efficient tools to enhance the assignment and travel experience of these clinicians, our client engaged APG Emerging Tech to spearhead the development of a revolutionary mobile app.


APG Emerging Tech's team of seasoned product owners and designers played an integral role in the preliminary Discovery phase of the mobile app initiative. Our strategic approach centered on the systematic and swift creation of a comprehensive collection of high-fidelity designs, accompanied by well-defined requirements.

At the onset of the project, a meticulously outlined project schedule was provided to stakeholders, delineating week-to-week progress across various functional areas. This proactive approach allowed stakeholders to allocate time for essential requirements gathering meetings, enabling a harmonious workflow.

An essential facet of our approach involved conducting design walkthroughs involving actual physicians. Our commitment to empathy as a core value guided us in seeking candid feedback from these medical professionals, aligning the app's development with their practical needs and expectations.

APG Emerging Tech's consultants facilitated an impactful in-person focus group, uniting our client's top physicians and senior leadership team. This collaborative event was marked by productive workshops that tapped into the insights of stakeholders from all organizational tiers, a task that our consultants adeptly handle with confidence.


The designs meticulously crafted by APG Emerging Tech's consultants have garnered widespread acclaim. Numerous physicians who were privy to the designs have expressed keen interest, often inquiring, "When can we expect this to be available?" The collaboration between APGET and our client is now concentrated on prioritizing backlog items and ensuring the seamless integration of the most valuable features in the app's upcoming MVP release.

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