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Enable COVID-19 Screening on Mobile Devices

COVID-19 forced businesses around the world to adjust their operating procedures in order to maintain safe workplaces. Screening for COVID symptoms was an integral part of creating safe workspaces. APG Emerging Tech partnered with 7Factor Software to rapidly launch WellEntry, preventing thousands of exposure events.

30,000+ users
200,000+ screenings
5,000+ risk events thwarted


Strategic partners are the lifeblood of many small businesses. APG Emerging Tech is no exception! We’ve known the team at 7Factor Software for many years. They came to us in Summer 2020 - in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - with a problem: a client of theirs had a 30,000 person workforce that needed to be consistently screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering their workplace. They wanted input into the design and user experience for a system to help facilitate consistent screening. We were honored to help.


We met with the engineering team of 7Factor Software and its client to understand their requirements and definition of ‘thorough screening’. Knowing time was of the essence, we conducted rapid prototyping to quickly arrive at workflow and user interface designs compatible with the requirements. The prototypes were socialized with a myriad of stakeholders to achieve consensus and alignment on the way forward.

We also engaged with the engineering team in the role of Product Management, to ensure a holistic lens to the new WellEntry product was given: user experience, product backlog grooming, marketing, communications, implementation, training and support. It takes a lot to successfully launch a new product and with the COVID-19 situation not improving, there was no time for mistakes!


WellEntry is now in production and available for use by practically any organization that has workers or students who must be on-site to perform their duties. We have implemented WellEntry for a national home healthcare provider, a major food manufacturer, and several other companies - large and small. More importantly, we are making a dent in the COVID-19 situation. Though we are not doctors or scientists, we know technology can serve people by facilitating healthy routines and reporting on critical data for trend analysis.

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