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Enable Financial Advisors to Serve Clients Anywhere

With a nation-wide team of financial advisors, our Client frequently found itself looking for ways to streamline training and promote consistency among its team. They engaged an APG Emerging Tech consultant to develop a mobile-first strategy and platform for its team. The rule and regulatory-intensive platform was designed, built, and deployed within just months and continues to serve its team today.


Our Client, an insurance broker located in Georgia, reached a point in its company maturity where streamlining and modernizing processes became a key objective in order to attract and retain both employees and customers. As a purveyor of term life insurance, mutual funds and annuities, the company’s associates offer their clients full lifecycle financial wellbeing service. Traditionally, this had been accomplished with a cobbling together of web, fax and paper-based forms and processes. The company knew there was a better way.


We facilitated the early workshops with the company in order to understand its current state processes, future state objectives, and the personas it sought to serve. With this information, deep-dive workshops ensued with the company’s subject matter experts. Our team of designers and analysts quickly prototyped a representation of the experience and formed an Agile product backlog of requirements to satisfy the minimum viable product (MVP) and prepare for future enhancements. With consensus reached on the MVP, development ensued on an industry-first, mobile-first solution to facilitate the capture of customer information, numerous financial wellbeing calculators, life insurance quoting and application tools, and full integration into the company’s existing CRM.


The MVP deployed to production in just twelve weeks. The system has provided both an enhanced customer experience as well as a differentiated recruiting tool for future associates. There have been many examples of associates being able to serve twice as many clients as before thanks to this technology. 

In a support and maintenance capacity, our team has continued to work with our Client as new ideas arise and enhancements to the system are requested.

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