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Establish an Internal Innovation Framework

One of the benefits of being on your A-game is that people take notice. In this case, our Client noticed our consultants’ methods of rapidly maturing ideas into viable concepts was exactly what they needed in their internal innovation pipeline. Our consultant leveraged his expertise to help design an innovation methodology our Client could apply throughout its many business units.


Our Client, manufacturer of household and commercial grade tools, sought to create a common approach to innovation within its many business units around the world. With a desire to find ways to infuse artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality and more into the business units, its team of inventors would need a common methodology to follow to ensure all business units received a consistent experience. 


We met with a team of our Client’s inventors to understand its current state processes, future state objectives, and the personas it sought to serve throughout its business units. We also educated them on our own methodology and way in which we guide clients through the innovation lifecycle. With this shared understanding, we began building a comprehensive training manual, facilitation kit, scorecards, activities and more for the inventors to leverage going forward. Throughout the process, we held reviews with stakeholders to make tweaks and adjustments to ensure the final results aligned to the company culture and desired outcomes sought by the company.


Response to the new innovator’s training and toolkit were very positive! The team of inventors began to integrate components of the toolkit over time, due to work that was already in flight. The toolkit is now part of the collection of onboarding and execution procedures available for the inventor’s team as it expands to accommodate an increase in business unit participation in innovation activities.

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