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Increase Sales Funnel Visibility

Not every APG Emerging Tech solution requires building new software. We often implement customizable off the shelf (COTS) products if our clients’ needs can be met with a tool that already exists. For this Client, this meant implementing a COTS database tool to capture sales leads in an efficient, mobile-first way.


Our Client is a well-known landscape design and construction company based in Virginia. The company has experienced a fast pace of growth, with dozens of employees and fields of equipment ready to build commercial and residential projects. With a desire to find ways to streamline operations and increase visibility into trends through analytics, our Client engaged APG to review its sales pipeline process and make recommendations for improvements.  


We met with our Client’s leadership team to understand its current state processes, future state objectives, and the persona of the sales organization team members. A quick win for this team was a system to capture sales call details with real-time dashboards to illustrate trends. APG created a rapid mobile-first prototype of a possible sales call capture system. The sales team is constantly on the go, so maximizing user experience for mobile was key. The prototype was placed in the hands of the sales team where they could click through, make suggestions and adjustments, all before the real system went live. The team enjoyed this approach and appreciate how fast it all came together.


Not every system or process requires a massive investment of time or cost. Sometimes you just need to bring a company like APG to the table and utilize their breadth and years of experience! For this Client, we created a sales call solution that included the entry forms and a real-time data dashboard for a low cost in a short amount of time. The impact has been substantial: more data is being captured, the quality of sales manager meetings has improved thanks to reporting, and follow-through for clients has gone from an already great experience to an industry-leading fantastic experience.

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