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We Make Product 10x Easier

In the dynamic landscapes of healthcare, public sector operations, and financial services, the need for efficient and innovative technology solutions is paramount. Enter APG Emerging Tech - a small and diverse business that stands out as a nimble partner genuinely invested in the success of its clients, whose approach and perspective yields a 10x better product implementation experience.


The challenges faced by companies in healthcare, public sector, and financial services are not only unique but often complex. We recognize the intricacies of these industries and go beyond conventional approaches.

In the healthcare industry, navigating the labyrinth of regulations, compliance standards, and the demand for personalized patient care poses a multifaceted challenge. APG recognizes the need for innovative solutions that not only streamline administrative processes but also enhance the delivery of healthcare services. From managing electronic health records (EHR) to ensuring secure data interoperability, healthcare clients require a tech partner with a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies.

Public sector operations are often mired in bureaucracy, legacy systems, and the mandate to deliver efficient services to citizens. We understand the complexity of aligning technological solutions with the diverse needs of government agencies. Whether it's optimizing workflow processes, enhancing citizen engagement platforms, or ensuring the security of sensitive data, our tailored solutions address the unique challenges faced by public sector entities.

The financial services sector operates in a high-stakes environment where precision, security, and speed are paramount. APG acknowledges the challenges presented by evolving regulations, the need for seamless customer experiences, and the demand for real-time data analytics. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, we support financial institutions in automating complex business rules, ensuring compliance, and delivering digital solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Across all sectors, integration with existing systems and the imperative for process automation are recurring challenges. APG specializes in handling the complexity of integrating diverse technologies seamlessly. This includes interfacing with legacy systems, ensuring data flow across platforms, and automating intricate business rules using low and no-code tools. Our expertise lies not just in building solutions but in creating harmonious ecosystems that propel clients toward their technological aspirations.

APG recognizes the need for a partner that can expedite projects without inflating costs. As a small and diverse business, our approach mitigates the burdensome overheads associated with larger firms, allowing clients to allocate resources judiciously while achieving their technology goals. We infuse empathy and stewardship into every decision and recommendation we make – a perspective unique to smaller, diverse firms.


At the heart of APG Emerging Tech's offerings is a comprehensive suite of digital services encompassing strategy, design, development, and implementation. Unlike tackling the easy stuff, we specialize in handling complex systems, integrating with other platforms, processing large datasets, and automating intricate business rules.

APG begins each client engagement by meticulously crafting a digital strategy that aligns with the unique challenges and aspirations of healthcare, public sector, and financial services clients. This involves a comprehensive analysis of industry trends, regulatory landscapes, and specific business goals. Our team collaborates closely with clients to define a roadmap that not only addresses immediate needs but also sets the stage for sustained growth and innovation.

APG recognizes that successful implementation is the linchpin of any digital transformation initiative. The company goes beyond merely delivering a product, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with existing systems. This is particularly crucial in healthcare, where interoperability is key, in the public sector, where legacy systems abound, and in financial services, where real-time integration is imperative. Our implementation process is characterized by precision, minimizing disruption while maximizing the benefits of the new digital solutions.

A standout capability of APG's core services is its proficiency in process automation using low and no-code tools. In healthcare, this means creating streamlined processes for handling patient data and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare services. In the public sector, it translates to automating bureaucratic workflows, and in financial services, it results in the automation of intricate business rules. This commitment to automation not only accelerates project timelines but also reduces operational costs for ourclients.

Unlike firms that focus on simpler projects, we thrive in the realm of complexity. Our consultants are adept at handling integrated systems that process large amounts of data, automate intricate business rules, and seamlessly interface with other platforms. This expertise positions APG as a reliable partner for clients in healthcare, public sector operations, and financial services who require solutions that go beyond the ordinary.


What sets APG Emerging Tech apart is our unique approach to client partnerships. We cater to clients with diverse technology aspirations, providing the expertise for those lacking internal resources and specialized assistance for those with tech aptitude. As a small, diverse business, APG minimizes overheads and collaborates closely with clients to be good stewards of their resources, all while maintaining empathy for users and aligned with client goals.


The nimbleness of APG stands out prominently. Unlike our competitors, we do not just show up and build – it engages with clients on strategy, business cases, and ROI around technology. Applying a financial stewardship lens, rapid prototyping, and lean UX, we ensure that projects are expedited without compromising on cost control.


Healthcare Innovation: Starting with a mere concept, we turned a back-of-the-napkin idea into a mobile app. This app, now in the hands of millions, delivers Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, offering live counseling, articles, and assessments.

Financial Services Transformation: For a financial services company, we built an online marketplace that connects corporate buyers with diverse suppliers. This matchmaking platform fosters more diverse spending, creating a positive impact on the corporate ecosystem.

EV Vehicle Assessment: For an electric vehicle battery servicing company, we built a complex online processing system to collect and analyze real-time data from EVs. The result is an ability to quickly assess the value and lifespan of the EV’s battery, thus leading to more accurate vehicle valuations.


Compared to traditional waterfall and internal agile implementations, APG Emerging Tech consistently delivers a 10x improvement in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) speed to market. This remarkable achievement is attributed to expedited requirements definition, a significant reduction in rework risks, and a commitment to a continuous delivery model for deploying system features and enhancements.

In a world where technology is the driving force behind operational efficiency, APG Emerging Tech stands as a beacon of innovation and client-centricity. By making products 10x easier for companies, we are not just a tech partner – we are a catalyst for transformative success!

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