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Identifying the Right SaaS Platform

The collaboration between APG Emerging Tech and our physician staffing industry client exemplified a successful case of identifying and selecting a new career site vendor. The approach of evaluating numerous SaaS platforms, engaging in in-depth vendor assessments, and prioritizing seamless integration culminated in outcomes that aligned with the client's goals and positioned them for enhanced success in the competitive physician staffing landscape.


APG Emerging Tech was approached by a client within the physician staffing industry facing challenges with their existing career site. The client's career site, which regularly featured over 1,000 job positions, was outdated, user-unfriendly, and lacked intelligent job matching capabilities. The client sought to identify a new career site vendor that could enhance the user experience, offer intelligent job recommendations, and seamlessly integrate with their existing technology ecosystem. The goal was to find a solution that could not only address their immediate needs but also accommodate future growth and feature expansions.


In response to the client's challenges, APG Emerging Tech devised a comprehensive approach to identify and select the ideal career site vendor. The process involved the following key steps:

  • Vendor Landscape Evaluation: Our team conducted a thorough evaluation of nearly 30 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms that could potentially address the client's requirements. This initial assessment aimed to identify a diverse range of options to ensure a well-informed decision.

  • Contender Selection: Based on the evaluation, APG Emerging Tech narrowed down the list to seven top contenders. These platforms demonstrated promising potential to fulfill the client's needs, offering a balance between features and scalability.

  • In-depth Vendor Engagement: To ascertain the best fit, our team engaged in one-on-one meetings with each of the seven vendors. Multiple meetings were conducted when necessary to delve into their capabilities, compatibility with the client's technology ecosystem, and potential for seamless integration.

  • Alignment with Client Goals: The core focus was to identify a vendor capable of seamless integration into the client's existing processes without causing disruptions. APG Emerging Tech sought a vendor whose functionalities aligned with the client's immediate requirements, yet had the flexibility to accommodate future feature adoption as the client's needs evolved.


Through the diligent efforts of APG Emerging Tech, the engagement yielded significant outcomes for the client:

  • Shortlisted Vendors: The exhaustive evaluation process resulted in a shortlist of vendors that met the client's requirements and aligned with their growth trajectory. These vendors demonstrated the ability to provide the desired intelligent job matching and recommendation features.

  • Implementation within Timeframe: The chosen vendors from the shortlist were not only capable of fulfilling the client's needs but also able to do so within the required timeframe. This ensured that the client's career site could be revamped and operational promptly.

  • Seamless Integration: The focus on finding a vendor that could seamlessly plug and play within the client's existing technology ecosystem proved successful. This integration was achieved without disruption to the client's ongoing processes.

  • Scalability and Partnership: By selecting vendors that offered the right balance of functionalities, the client was equipped with a solution that allowed for immediate improvements while also positioning them to explore additional features as their business expanded. This established the foundation for a lasting partnership between the client and the selected vendors.

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