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Transform Regional Fundraiser into Digital Event

APG Emerging Tech’s consultants are problem solvers at heart. One of the nonprofit organizations we support holds an annual tour of homes fundraiser, but COVID made home tours impossible. APG came to the “rescue” and help the organization pull of a fully digital home tour with record-breaking success!

An Opportunity to Give Back

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in advancing many causes. APG Emerging Tech is proud to be a multi-year sponsor of the Lake Oconee Showcase of Homes – an annual fundraiser benefiting Greene County Habitat for Humanity.

Greene County is a special place for the APG family: It’s where some of our team members live and work – a beautiful small town within just minutes of Atlanta and Augusta. Though primarily known for its outdoor activities on and around Lake Oconee, the area is sadly experiencing significant absence of affordable housing. There are dozens of families currently living in conditions that are unhealthy and dangerous, which impacts the families in countless ways.

Greene County Habitat for Humanity is actively combatting the local housing crisis. APG Emerging Tech helps Habitat’s mission by serving as the Major Marketing and Digital Sponsor for the annual Showcase of Homes event.


Prior to 2020 (COVID), the Showcase of Homes was an in-person tour of architecturally significant homes on a weekend each fall. The event has historically raised enough money to build one or two Habitat homes each year.

In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, the Showcase transitioned to a 100% virtual event format. APG Emerging Tech quickly assembled the resources and talent necessary to build the event’s digital presence to include its website, streaming service, social media automation, email campaign automation, and custom graphic design. The virtual event consisted of four professionally produced, streaming episodes (think: HGTV) that featured guided tours of several amazing homes in the Lake Oconee area, local musicians, businesses, and more.

In 2021, thanks to improving COVID conditions, the Showcase became a hybrid event featuring three professionally produced, streaming episodes that presented tours of six amazing homes. Plus, the Showcase included a limited capacity two-day in-person tour of three Showcase homes. APG Emerging Tech’s team continued to support by updating the legacy website, designing and managing all social media and email campaigns, and built the in-person tour ticket sales and reporting mechanism.


In 2020, the Showcase reached 17 countries and over 25,000 viewers online in the new digital format. The event raised enough money for Habitat to build 3 homes in the community!

In 2021, the Showcase grew to never-before-seen levels of participation! We welcomed participants from 24 countries representing over 43,000 viewers. The event raised a record-breaking amount of money for Habitat to build 4 additional homes in the community!

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